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Eyebrow Threading  Woodbridge, NJ

A $20/15 minute service that leaves your eyebrows cleaner & excessive hair free close to Woodbridge, NJ

$20 Eyebrow Threading in Woodbridge, NJ

Are you tired of over-plucking your eyebrows? Do you want to achieve a natural look without having to worry about your eyebrows looking uneven? How about our reliable certified eyebrow threading experts at Monaco Beauty to help. 


Our expert beauticians at the heart of Monmouth County in New Jersey, provide the best in threading experience across Woodbridge, NJ. We deal with everything ranging from shaping your brows to getting rid of excess hair at a very nominal cost.


Using a thin string that is completely disinfected and with the experienced hands of our beauticians near Woodbridge, Monaco Beauty is the only Eyebrow Salon around that provides specificity for your eyebrows with certified beauticians for them to care. 

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How We Thread Your Brows

 Eyebrow Threading Cost in Woodbridge, NJ

Eyebrow threading Cost in Woodbridge with us is around $20 for around 15 minutes of work. We get your eyebrows back to looking thinner and sharper than before, specially if you're going to family or friend events. 

Hi, I'm Shani Harper

Your Certified Eyebrow Expert

I Welcome you to Monaco Beauty and thank you for joining me on the journey to becoming the best Eyebrow Salon in NJ. I'm thrilled to have you and I'm confident our expert staff of highly qualified beautician (any myself) will provide the best service that you can ask for in New Jersey. 

We're Open the entire Week 11:00 am to 06:00 pm Monday to Sunday at Monmouth Mall Eatontown, NJ. Do Drop By!

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