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Eyebrow Microblading  New Jersey

Want a semi-permanent shaded brown pencil look for your eyebrows? Our Microblading Service is perfect for you in Eatontown, NJ

Best Microblading Near Me in NJ

Microblading is the latest in eyebrow hair tattooing. There's no need to spend hours getting your eyebrows shaped in the morning when you could be sleeping or having a fancy breakfast. That's why Monaco Beauty offers eyebrow microblading at our eyebrow studio in Eatontown, NJ that take less than 2 hours and leaves you with natural-looking eyebrows that last as long as two years. We know how important it is to feel confident in your appearance, and we want our clients to feel good about themselves.

We offer micropigmentation services for all skin types and colors, including those with alopecia or hair loss due to illnesses such as chemotherapy or alopecia areata. Our process is fast and comfortable, taking about an hour per brow because we focus on achieving natural results that look like real hair follicles on the skin rather than drawing on individual hair, as other techniques do.

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Our Microblading Process

How Much does Microblading Cost in NJ?

At Monaco Beauty, we charge only $500 for your microblading sessions, making us the most affordable microblading provider in Monmouth County, NJ. You will require 2 to 3 sessions after every 6 to 8 weeks. If you don’t have oily skin, you may only need two sessions with us!

How long do Microblading eyebrows Last?

Microblading lasts longer than semi-permanent makeup, ranging from 1-3 years, depending on your skin type and how you care for them after the first session. The initial results usually last around 2 to 4 weeks before fading. After that, you'll need to get touch-ups every few months to keep your eyebrows looking their best. However, the length of time that eyebrow microblading lasts will vary depending on many factors, including your skin type, the pigments used, and how well you take care of your brows. For example, if you have oily skin, your eyebrow microblading may not last as long as someone with dry skin. 

Post-Microblading Care Instructions

It will take a few weeks for your body's natural healing process to kick in fully; however, you can expect some swelling and redness around the area while it heals. You can follow these aftercare instructions to heal quickly!

  • Avoid direct sunlight on treated areas for 24 hours after treatment

  • Keep treated areas clean with antibiotic ointment twice daily until healed

  • Take pain medication as needed during the recovery period

  • Avoid rubbing or touching your brows too much while they are healing

  • Don't pluck or tweeze! Your brows will look pretty and natural, but they will eventually grow back in with fullness, so there's no need to pluck or tweeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microblading Painful?

The procedure is relatively quick and can be done in about 2 hours. However, some people experience discomfort during the treatment because the eyebrow area is relatively sensitive. The good news is that discomfort is usually minimal and disappears quickly. In most cases, eyebrow microblading is only mildly uncomfortable and well worth the results. So if you're considering eyebrow microblading, don't let fear of pain hold you back!

How long after Microblading Can I shower?

One of the most important things to remember is that you should not shower for at least 24 hours after your eyebrow microblading procedure. Water can irritate the area and cause the pigment to fade prematurely. If you must shower sooner than 24 hours, avoid getting water on your eyebrows.

Can I wear makeup after the process?

Follow the aftercare instructions, including keeping the area clean and free of makeup for around a week. Once the initial healing period is over, you can start wearing makeup again. Make sure to use gentle and non-irritating products, as the area will still be slightly sensitive. And avoid using any waterproof products for at least a week, as they can make it more difficult for the area to heal properly. 

Why can't I drink coffee before Microblading?

You might have heard that you must avoid coffee before micropigmentation your brows. While it's true that caffeine can increase bleeding, there's no need to avoid coffee before your appointment completely. Just be moderate, and avoid anything that contains aspirin or ibuprofen, as these can also increase bleeding. If you're still concerned about bleeding, feel free to talk to us!

Hi, I'm Shani Harper

Your Certified Eyebrow Expert

I Welcome you to Monaco Beauty and thank you for joining me on the journey to becoming the best Eyebrow Salon in NJ. I'm thrilled to have you and I'm confident our expert staff of highly qualified beautician (any myself) will provide the best service that you can ask for in New Jersey. 

We're Open the entire Week 11:00 am to 06:00 pm Monday to Sunday at Monmouth Mall Eatontown, NJ. Do Drop By!

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Eileen Marks

Shani is pure perfection! I've been to her for eyebrow and face threading and the results are great! She takes her time and is very thorough. She also checks in with the customer to make sure she is providing the shape you desire. She doesn't try to upsell, which I can't stand. Good prices for great service!

Angelica Mejia

Shani is the best! Great customer service, great products, and place is always clean. I have been their customer for a few months now and I’m very pleased. I recommend this place 100%

Jennifer T Wong

I thought the owner was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. She did an amazing job with my eyebrow threading and she was very well priced. The shop was very clean and had an overall nice atmosphere. I Will definitely go back here for all my waxing and threading services.
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