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Eyebrow Threading NJ Experts

A $20/15 minute service that leaves your eyebrows cleaner & excessive hair free around Eatontown, NJ

Brows Before Bros in NJ We Say!

Threading or plucking your eyebrow using a thread is the most natural way to shape and define your eyebrows by removing unwanted hair.

At our specially designed Eyebrow Salon in NJ, in providing the best eyebrow threading nj experts you can find in Eatontown, NJ.

The beauty industry is changing—and we're right there with it. We want to provide you with pain free best eyebrow threading experience and we believe we can provide that for all of our customers looking for Eyebrow threading in NJ! Give us a Visit at Monmouth mall or Call us anytime for an appointment. You'll be welcomed by the well-groomed, professional, and friendly staff at our disposal just for you. We promise an experience that will make you want to come back whenever you need those pesky eyebrows plucked or tinted

Eyebrow Threading

How We Thread Your Brows

How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Cost in NJ?

How much does eyebrow threading cost in New Jersey? Our sessions last for around 15 Minutes with the overall service costing around $20 at no extra cost. The process is relatively painless and is recommended by us for those that have a rather sensitive skin with acne issues. 

Threading Or Waxing: Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading!

Threading is the most natural way to shape and define your eyebrows, but it has many other benefits. For example, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and can help with acne and skin discoloration. Threading also helps you achieve a more symmetrical look—which can be difficult to achieve with tweezers or waxing methods.

No Chemical Used

No chemicals are involved, so there’s no need for any preparation beforehand; all you have to do is make sure your skin is clear before coming in for your appointment so that they don’t get caught on any ingrown hairs during treatment time!

It’s great for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin because it doesn’t irritate as other methods might; this means people can use it without having any adverse reactions!

They Last Longer 

Threading lasts longer than waxing, so you won't have to go back as often as someone who gets their eyebrows threaded would have to go back for another appointment every four weeks or so. Threading sessions last anywhere from 2-3 weeks up until one month, depending on how fast your hair grows (it could even last longer).

Less Painful Than Waxing 

Eyebrow threading removes hair by its root, which means there's less pain involved than when removing hairs with wax or other hair removal techniques. Waxing removes the top layer of skin cells, while plucking only removes individual strands of hair at once. Both methods can cause excessive redness, irritation, breakouts, and ingrown hairs in the area where they were done!

If you're interested in learning more about our eyebrow threading services, please get in touch with us today!

Some Facts about Threading

Our threading procedure helps you remove and shape your eyebrow the way you see fit. It's quick and affordable and doesn't hurt—a win-win. But there are some things you should know before you get started. Here are four things no one ever told you about eyebrow threading services:

  1. Your skin might be sensitive for a day or two after threading, so avoid aggressive exfoliating or scrubbing.

  2. Don't go too short! If your brows are too thin or sparse, they won't hold the shape well when they grow back between appointments.

  3. Don't go too thick! If your brows are too thick, they'll start to look unnatural and can cause breakouts on the skin above them (especially if you're prone to acne).

  4. Be patient! It takes time for your skin to adjust to being thread-free—don't expect miracles overnight if you've been tweezing for years!

We get Threading Customers from All Over New Jersey & Monmouth County

Hi, I'm Shani Harper

Your Certified Eyebrow Expert

I Welcome you to Monaco Beauty and thank you for joining me on the journey to becoming the best Eyebrow Salon in NJ. I'm thrilled to have you and I'm confident our expert staff of highly qualified beautician (any myself) will provide the best service that you can ask for in New Jersey. 

We're Open the entire Week 11:00 am to 06:00 pm Monday to Sunday at Monmouth Mall Eatontown, NJ. Do Drop By!

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Eileen Marks

Shani is pure perfection! I've been to her for eyebrow and face threading and the results are great! She takes her time and is very thorough. She also checks in with the customer to make sure she is providing the shape you desire. She doesn't try to upsell, which I can't stand. Good prices for great service!

Angelica Mejia

Shani is the best! Great customer service, great products, and place is always clean. I have been their customer for a few months now and I’m very pleased. I recommend this place 100%

Jennifer T Wong

I thought the owner was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. She did an amazing job with my eyebrow threading and she was very well priced. The shop was very clean and had an overall nice atmosphere. I Will definitely go back here for all my waxing and threading services.
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